Whitstable Food Boxes

We are all about collaborating with other small producers and businesses and celebrating some of what Whitstable and its neighbours have to offer. We invite you to feast on some food from fabulous local producers in and around Whitstable in Kent.

This collection celebrates just some of the delights that Whitstable has to offer. Who says the British High Street is dead? Not in Whitstable! Most of the contents here can be found somewhere on Whitstable High Street, be it a shop, café or Whitstable Farmers Market. Many are made from scratch by local producers. One of the stars of this collection is the back bacon made by Chris from the Native Smokehouse, a small but absolutely perfect smokery nestled in the heart of Whitstable for those in the know. The bacon is made from free-range pork, cured with spices and then smoked over oak. We pair this in our bacon and biltong box with cured beef sourced just a little further afield in the Northdowns.

Cheese is all supplied by Canterbury Cheese Makers just outside Whitstable in Dargate, who also make the Ashmore and the Chaucers camembert style cheese which you will find in some of these boxes. Olives are supplied to us by our neighbour at Whitstable farmers Market Olives are Good 4U. Their Meze packs are tasty and succulent. Don’t forget to try their tapenade, a great addition to any larder due to its multiple uses.

We have our local coffee roasters in Whitstable, Lost Sheep Coffee who have outlets in Canterbury and Ashford. This super friendly team can also be found at Whitstable Farmers Market twice a month where you can sample their coffee and buy a selection of their roasts. Kent being the Garden of England has so many apple juices to choose from. We do mix and match, but the one you can see in the photos here is from Beardsley. Tea is supplied by Debonair in Hythe, but we also source from Chaiwallah Margate.

Sometimes something sweet is needed and what better than chocolate, fudge and biscuits all hand made in Kent. 70% dark chocolate is sourced from Cocoba and the fudge from O’er The Moon. From our neighbouring town in Herne Bay we have local producers Zingi Berry Bakes’ Captain’s Biscuits and Captain’s crackers, perfect for our seaside food boxes. Not to forget the condiments, a personal favourite, Carrington’s supplies his own Chillichup and Karly’s Kitchen the seasonal chutneys.

We buy our baked beans from Herbaceous, eggs from Jim’s the butchers, tomatoes and mushrooms from one of the local greengrocers Staines or Granny Smiths, and our bread from Hubbard’s Bakery.